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Aug. 8th, 2009


Random stuff before bed

Jeremy's asleep in the next room. I'd really like to do that whole thing where you put shaving cream in someone's hand and tickle their nose so they hit their face with it. He better appreciate the effort I put into fighting these urges. :p

I saw my junior high crush in Wally World today. It's funny. I used to be totally obsessed with him from 6th to 8th grade. Then, when highschool started, the first time I saw him I thought "What the hell was I thinking?" XD And when I saw him today, it made me feel very lucky to have Jeremy (who is the complete opposite of that guy).

The kitten is very lucky she's adorable because she is not right in the head. She's the strangest cat I have even known. Right now, I'm watching her drink. She can't just go to the bowl and get a drink like a normal kitty. She needs to lay down and drag the water bowl to her. Then she rests her head on the side of the bowl (like a pillow) and dips her paws into the water. She then licks her paws. When she's done, she starts meowing unhappily because her paws are wet. -_-'

Aug. 6th, 2009


(no subject)

I feel like I've gotten into a rut. I guess it comes from being sick for the last three weeks. At least, that couldn't have helped. Anyway, I've been trying to slowly get back into hobbies and such. I think that it'll get better once school starts. I'll have classwork to do and I'll actually be able to do some of the cooking around here because dad will be in school. I really love cooking, but dad plans out what he wants to do and starts early. I haven't even had the energy to cook for Jeremy either. :/

I want to get out of the house more too. I'm thinking I'll force Jeremy to walk with me before work once he moves in with us. He had to walk a bit today and he came back in a really good mood. I think he needs more exercise if that little makes such a difference. Speaking of him, it looks like dad doesn't need Jeremy Saturday so we can sleep in and do whatever (unless there's something he has to do I don't know about yet). One day this weekend, he said he'd take me to target to look at school supplies. :D I have a school supplies obsession.

Anyway, the new translation of skip beat is up. I'm going to read it.

Aug. 3rd, 2009


(no subject)

I have a friend, Coriss who I don't really like as a person. She's treated me and many others like crap for years, but I stay with her. It's stupid, but I think one day all her bad choices are going to catch up with her. She's pretty much pushed away everyone who really cares about her. So I feel like when it all does come crashing down, she's going to need a real friend. Luckily, I don't have a lot of contact with her. She's always been way more interested in guys and money than friends.

But here's what's really annoying me. It looked like she was getting her shit together for awhile. She had finally left her abusive baby-daddy, was moving out on her own, and was going to marry a nice, stable guy who planned to adopt her daughter because the baby-daddy doesn't give a flying flip. She was even starting to make amends to people she had treated badly including me. It was like she was making a real effort. So I actually agreed to be in her wedding.

Well, there is no wedding now. It would have been next month. You think you'd tell your bridesmaids something like that as they have to buy dresses and wedding gifts. No. Not a word from her. I found this out through a random myspace. Thing is, I've been trying to get a hold of her for over a month with no luck. Apparently, she changed her cell number and didn't bother telling anyone. I finally got a hold of her mom. Now her mom "didn't tell me this", but Coriss left the nice guy for the abusive baby-daddy some time ago. But she did tell Coriss to call me. She called my mom's phone. But she didn't say anything about there being no wedding. Oh, no. She thought that Jeremy and I must have eloped. Where the heck did she get that idea?

I don't know, I just feel completely done with this. I think I'm going to just keep in touch with her mom for updates. I love her mom, and this whole thing is killing her. I think it helps her to vent too. I just don't think I can talk to Coriss without going off on her. I just feel so horribly guilty because her life is so bad. I just want her out of my life for good at this point.

Jul. 31st, 2009


More old people ranting. Also, I'm a bum.

It's good that I don't have fancy cable or I'd spend all my time watching Spanish TV. Anyway, to keep with my theme of feeling old, let's talk about anime. I've been watching it since I was little because I grew up in a Japanese neighborhood. When we moved to the mainland, no one knew what it was. All through high school people laughed at me for liking it. But now it seems like every kid I see has a Naruto shirt. My problem is that I am JEALOUS! First off because I wish I had someone to talk to about my shows. But mostly because anime has become super available and cheap now. Heck, some is even on TV. I had to pay $30 per VHS tapes of Cowboy bebop. Each tape had four episodes-- five if you were really lucky. Now, I found the entire series on DVD for $30. -_-' And swag was ONLY found at conventions. And when you live in the middle of nowhere, you're not going to any cons until college. If you got super lucky, sometimes, you'd go into a movie store, and they'd have a random Sailor Moon lunchbox or folder (and they all used the same picture). That was like the holy grail. If you wanted manga, you were SOL wherever you went. But I can't really complain because it's easier for me to get stuff now. what with high-speed internet making piracy easier :p

Anyway, it's a good day. I'm at home bumming around in Eeyore PJ pants, a Mario shirt, and Batz-Maru slippers. I am mature. -_- I've got greasy Americanized "Chinese" food, my laptop, a full box of Kleenex (I'm currently filled with infectious disease :P), and a big glass of ice tea. Life is good. The only thin that could make this afternoon better would be a nap, but I can't do that right now because I'm going to go see a play with my sister soon. Maybe I'll play some WoW until then.

Jul. 30th, 2009


Get off my lawn!

It seems that facebook has made my usual username way too accessible. I really don't want my real life friends and family to know that much about me. I like my privacy. Also, when you've known people forever, you know there are things you can't bring up around them. I also need to bitch about them sometimes too.

The internet makes me feel old. I feel like I should wave my cane at teenagers and give them a talking to. "Back in my day, we didn't have myspace or facebook. If you wanted to interact with people, you chatted on IRC. And when I was your age, we made our own home pages on geocities, tripod, and angelfire. Sure they were ugly and impossible to navigate, but we liked it that way. And we didn't have that Dreamweaver program. We used notepad. Have you ever used a floppy? No, not the small, hard plastic ones. I'm talking about the big black 8 inchers! Now let me tell you about starting a program in DOS..."

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